Heart Healthy Foods

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Nutritional Advice

Dr. Oz GREEN Smoothie

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In this video, we mix together the best combination of green ingredients that produces the tastiest drink you’ll ever have.

Dr. Leonard Caldwell cancer myths and facts

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Dr. Leonard Caldwell stresses the importance of body healing cancer is the only true cure

Avocado essential superfood

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An avocado a day can easily replace the apple a day slogan.


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Smoothie Recipe

Real cure for cancer in weeks. no drugs!

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Big secrets doctors don’t want to reveal.

Cooking With Kali Muscle

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Nutrition And Muscle Gain

How to live Gluten Free

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How to become Gluten Intolerant

A Look Inside the ‘Doomsday Vault’ that Houses the World’s Seeds

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Part of the reason the vault was placed so deep is its location in the permafrost layer, meaning the surrounding earth maintains a constant temperature of -4˚C, keeping the seeds frozen without artificial cooling. The goal of the vault is

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